Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yogi turns politician

What is the most mistaken concept in the world? Ecological balance? Global worming up? No, it is yoga or all about yoga practices! Self styled Yogi Ramdeobaba turns to be politician. India’s yoga guru number one Ramdeobaba announced that he is going to launch a political party. It goes without saying that all kind of politicking including elections, pollsters and alignments may soon follow as his political pursuit strengthens. His Patanjali Institute in Haridwar may see day to day political activity. If required he may shift his centre to New Delhi. Ramdeobaba`s yoga centre had modest beginning. With his skill in hat yoga and keen interest in pharmaceutical knowledge his centre grew it into full fledged Patanjali Yoga Institute in very short time. While imparting yoga training, he began medical counseling. He also runs chain of pharmacies around the country. The yoga camps and sale of medicines generate huge revenue for the Patanjali Yoga Institute. This institute is run on commercial basis though commercial aspects are hidden unlike in USA. Yoga gurus and software professionals are available in every city in North America. These yoga gurus are making brisk business. They are quoting fees or dakshina usually spelt out after the trial session or registering for yoga classes. Ramdeobaba followed similar practices. Off course whatever he does he does with precision and perfect camouflaging.
Yogic practices can be traced back into ancient Indian scriptures. Most details of the yoga practices are hidden secrets. Whatever yoga practices taught today is elementary in nature. Some are clear cut Hindu religious practices. They are very much part of sanatan vedic religion. Sanatan means the everlasting. Sanatan is having no origin or the end either. Sanatan means very old. In India people often believe old is gold. Naturally being old yoga is marketable. What is not old is discard able. Essentially this is fundamentalism. The same kind of fundamentalism what for Lashkar-e-Tayba is fighting jihad. Hindus do not consider fighting jihad type war with the followers of other religions. They are not directly interested in political power; therefore not interested in building armories, bombs and terrorists training camps. No necessities of throwing scare in governments or people either. However this does not mean that they are not interested in spreading their religious power. Money power is better tool now days. Weapon power is tool needs to be discarded. It is made to look like that they have no interest in political power. Sure, they do not see any chance of attaining that power. However Ramdeobaba does have secret wish at his heart: His arena to spread. Power to span out. Commercial wish list translated into realities of life. In fact, these are the goals secretly held since long back. With the announcement to launch the political party Baba has come out openly to set his goal. His chelas-disciple-are ready to play new roll: party worker. They may continue to ware saffron just to impress.
Ramesh Zawar
Senior Journalist

Friday, March 19, 2010

Yoga:Most mistaken concept

Ever since Yoganand and Vivekanand visited USA many Americans