Tuesday, June 8, 2010

President Visits her Home

Indian President Pratibha Patil visiting her home, Nadgaon, the hamlet in north Maharshtra district of Jalgaon this week. Massive preparations are on before the actual four-day visit starts from June 10, 2010. About 200 officers belonging to state and central government are expected to assemble in Jalgaon to oversee that president’s programs workout with minute-to-minute precision.
With the security threats, VIP tours have become critical task for the officials. There is no surprise if President is advised whom to meet and whom not to meet; however, this is no easy for the security, as President Pratibha Patil knows many people in Jalgaon district and does not to wish avoid the old mates who are interested to greet her personally. The Presidents schedule include only four programs: launching the Jalgaon airport project, launching the lift irrigation scheme in the Bodwad area near her village, visit her ancestor home at Nadgaon and to the engineering college founded by herself in Jalgaon 15 years back. First two programs are public and rests of the two programs are strictly private. She will stay at Ajantha guesthouse, the state government premises that was given modern look after the extensive interior work.
Pratibha Patil who completed her college education in Jalgaon’s Mulji Jetha college affiliated to University of Pune. As soon as she took her Master’s degree in arts, the Congress Party announced her candidature for Maharashtra Legislative Assembly. She won her first election assembly easily; and made her debut in Assembly. Naturally, she was included in Maharashtra’s ministry as Deputy Minister without doing much internship. She also studied law in Government Law College regularly after day’s assembly session. Her political currier was seamless and enjoyed the popularity. She was never involved in any controversy because of her docile approach. She smiles; her smiles are not like Mona Lisa! She smiles because of her inner pleasure in heart. No bitterness, no callus! Perhaps this is the reason why she got her trouble free political mileage. She held the state Congress presidency, leader of Opposition. Deputy Speaker of elder’s house, Governor of Rajasthan and finally the President of India. Pratibha Patil is steel smiling. In India, very few politicians can smile, especially when they face tough time of party or nation both. The national problems can be sorted out with the candid approach, the much-needed quality. Pratibha Patil is gifted with candid approach.
Jalgaon is looking forward to welcome the President, the very leader of its own.
-Ramesh Zawar
Senior Journalist

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Coming events casts…

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, in his first press conference proved that he is better politician than those who are self-endorsed politician. True that Mr. Singh had nothing to clarify about the stance of his government. He repeated almost all the points what was spoken earlier in parliamentary forum or other forums. In fact, UPA government could achieve successful nuclear deal with USA in very its first term. The successive budgets of his government were presented with a focus Congress party had in mind.
Although the task entrusted to him is still unfinished and therefore he would like to complete his term. According to him, the agenda is unfinished yet. Off course, he made it clear in the same breath that he is ready to make way for Rahul Gandhi whenever Congress party so demands. He considers Rahul Gandhi as fit for the cabinet minister’s post. He also urged him to join the ministry many times in past; however he was helpless as Rahul Gandhi was reluctant.
Manmohan Singh’s claim that the task assigned to him is unfinished yet, may not be taken on its face value. Manmohan Singh’s statement should be taken on the background of criticism about the entry of Neharu-Gandhi family members. Is Manmohan Singh making pitch for Rahul Gandhi? The twenty first century put an end to slogan shootings, public rallies at Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan or at Shivaji Park in Mumbai and such gimmicks in Indian politics. Slogan shouting crowds (pro and against) was most handy technique employed by party followers. So was about public meeting. Rallies were to look crowed with the help of the trucks provided by goods transport businesses in Mumbai. Now with the mushroom growth news channels in TV media, now rallies and slogan shouting crowds and rallies could be big flop, not the worth risk taking.
The Neharu-Gandhi family member’s entry in politics was highly controversial on number of occasions. Even the Congressmen did not welcome Neharu-Gandhi family members. The oppositions were critical about all the members of Neharu-Gandhi family. Once, Madhu Limaye, the socialist leader in parliament described Ms. Indira Gandhi as ‘gungi gudiya’ (dumb doll). When Rajiv Gandhi was inducted in top slot in the country, slanting reference was made about Rajiv Gandhi and his friends. ‘Doon Boys’ (raw college boys of Dehradoon School) was the adjective used by newspapers. Ms. Sonia Gandhi herself was very low profile when she entered the politics. Sharad Pawar formed his own party, the Nationalist Congress, only to oppose Sonia Gandhi's leadership. Sharad Pawar’s party remains rickety after almost a decade. How a person of Italian origin could become prime minister, questioned the BJP; however this question is almost forgotten by both BJP and the nation.
The public appeal to Rahul Gandhi by someone like Manmohan Singh should be looked in the special Indian political context. Hinting the space for Rahul Gandhi by non-less than Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, suggests lot in politics. Does the press conference of prime minister cast the shadows of coming events? May be May not be.
-Ramesh Zawar
Senior Journalist

Monday, May 24, 2010

3 G? Hanjee!

Finally, the marathon bidding, fetching huge sum, for 3 G in India is over. The 3 G bidding process is comparable with the old time LP-long playing- record of Indian classical music. HMV, the only music producing company of India made a brisk business in India during thirties. Government of India too made a good business. Nine of 22 telecom companies including two government owned telecom companies participated in the bidding. Lot of allegations was hurled against each other involving the telecom authority.

In fact even elite class in India do not know anything about 3 G; however the telecom company’s business executive see the best business opportunity the 3 G business because they know India’s love for music and movie. When music or movie is on any channel young, people in India get mad. They used to set aside their working schedule on Friday there was practice of releasing the new Bollywood movie was in force. They equally love watching Sachin Tendulkar batting on small screen. Perhaps this is why managements of many Indian companies do not have objection to placing TV sets suitable place in their many offices. The people are fond of watching live coverage of yoga guru Ramdevbaba and Asarambapu. Loksabha has channel of its own

ThreeG bidders might be hoping to make money by selling the fresh Hollywood or Hollywood movie, live concord of A R Rehman, Yanni etc. The sale of video conferencing via mobile handsets will definitely fetch fair margin. The telecom businesses in India is confident that with 3G license it is possible that telecom businesses may grow and the breakeven point may not be not far away; therefore telecom companies were not shy of aggressive bidding. The entertainment and media is fast growing business in India next to telecom. This is why they are happy that they got license. Government is too happy that through 3 G business could fetch the fabulous amount.

-Ramesh Zawar

Senior Journalist

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Region, not the religion

What religion has to do anything with face covering burqa? The answer is no; however it would be appropriate to examine the religious claim about burqa. I think burqa has deep routes in climatic conditions of the region and certainly not the religion. The climatic conditions in many parts in the world require covering the face, especially ear, nose and eyes the most delicate senses of human body. In Arab world terrible type of cyclone hit the vast sandy lands all over the countries and people who are traveling on the back of camel needs. It must have been sudden necessity of completely cover the face; or rather protect the nose, eyes and ears the main portion of face against the wind. This might have shaped the practice and Koranick schools were prompt to link this practice with religion. In fact no Koranic version prescribes the wearing of the burqa.

The burqa practice has many more dimensions: reducing sensuality in women is also one. Because of this newly found dimension, the Koranic schools are more enthusiastic to enforce the burqa system. In fact, in sandy area of Rajasthan in India similar situation exists. Poor people cannot afford to travel in AC cars. They travel on the back of camel and need ear, nose and eyes to be covered in case of sudden outbreak of cyclone. The cyclone brings heavy wind and sand and visibility in the atmosphere drops down very fast. Head- gear or burqa provides some sort of protections to sensitive organs.

Recently I found in many cities many office going young girls, who ride on motor cycle make use of the dupattas to cover their face against the scorching sun and hot air. Only eye portion kept open, off course! No one has forced them to do that. 100 years back it was custom for Marathi women to cover their head. The point of dignity was in question; therefore, it was difficult for them to jettison this practice. During thirties sudden change in head cover practice was seen offing. Now with the mercury hitting 45-47 Celsius in many cities of Maharashtra the new form of head and face covering is coming back. The face is covered with dupattas in such a way that identification becomes difficult. The intention is very clear: save the skin from scorching sun and carbonized dust.; however this is not the case in Europe. Despite the fact that the burqa or any type of face covering or head gear is not needed in many countries Muslim organizations are making outcry about banning the burqa. With the increased terrorism around the world, if the suspect is ordered to remove the burqa the authorities are accused of meddling in the religious practices. If European countries planning some sort of legislative arm help policing it should be welcome.

Religious fanatic always make use of such social changes whenever that suits their intension and arguments. Some self-styled community heads uphold this practice as a thumb rule. They also make such rules binding to all. These so-called rules are some times deemed supreme to the parliamentary law. Many communities including some upper castes still maintain the practice of burqa. It is sort of rule and no one has guts to challenge the mukhias. It is no secret about anti social elements including the terrorist groups taking the advantage of burqa practice for concealing the identity. If many European are worried with this stance, they are not wrong entirely.

-Ramesh Zawar

Senior Journalist

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Not to gallows Yet

Indian judicial system, notoriously known for delays, finally awarded death sentence to Ajmal Kasab, the only surviving 26/11/ terrorist attackers. It is not clear when and where he will be sent to gallows. In Indian judicial system death sentence needs to be endorsed by the high courts, besides both police and the defendants can choose to appeal in apex court. There is a provision of clemency also. President of India can change the capital punishment to life imprisonment if he feels the case is justifiable. With the statement of S. M. Krishna, the minister for foreign affaires, one more factor is added to whole of this matter that may delay the process of sending Kasab to gallows. Mr. Krishna pressed for extradition of Kasab co-conspirators based in Pakistan so that they could be brought to justice here. The court verdict in Kasab trial case has included 20 others who are responsible for the ghastly crime of 26/11.
Pakistan may use this judgment for seeking the extradition of Kasab and others. Pakistan has been using the various pretexts since 1993 serial bomb blasts in Mumbai. In most cases, Pakistan insisted for concrete proof. Pakistan had always phoo phooed the evidence handed over by India. Pakistan has taken similar positions in past when India complained about the 26/11/ incident.
Although the verdict in Kasab case is candid enough, Pakistan may tactically use the same judgment for delaying the death punishment to Kasab. The main accused Kasab is not the only person held guilty in 26/11 case. India’s demand for extradition of other conspirators of 26/11. The main conspirators are still let loose in Pakistan .If India demands the custody of conspirators, Pakistan may insist India to resiprocurate its demand for Kasab’s custody. A diplomatic feuding will continue only to die down after the fresh event break out.
In fact, Lashkar and such organizations are war machines of Pakistan. Except Kasab, commandos and Mumbai Police smashed all of the instruments of the Lashkar-e- toyba’s war machine in two-day long joint operation. After the three-time defeat in a border, front war Pakistan has changed its war strategy. Pakistan knows that it is difficult to fight war with India; therefore, it sent the regulars solders through Kargil rout. Simultaneously Pakistani intelligence agency was inducted in to encourage spread terrorism in India and many other countries with the help of jihadi groups. This is different kind of warfare. It is not exactly war, not even a battle. It cannot be compared with world wars fought earlier or the army operations that have been carried out in various parts of the world after the world wars. At the most, this can be described: ‘guerrilla war’. The weakness of civilian governments is their target. Scare and terror are the wheals of this new war machine.

-Ramesh Zawar
Senior journalist

Monday, May 3, 2010

Solid Verdict

Ajmal Kasab, the only terrorist luckily caught alive while Mumbai’s couple of icon hotels and a residential hub of Jewish community was under attack by Pakistani jihadi organization seventeen months back, likely to be awarded death sentence.
For the first time in India, police could link Kasab directly to the ghastly crimes includes killing spree in most crowded railway station of the world. Special Judge Tahaliyani heard Kasab and about 300 witnesses during marathon trial of 211 days. He also went through the heap of evidence supplied by forensic agencies. This time Mumbai police had the rare success. They could establish conspiracy case against the attackers. With the loss of its top officers, now Mumbai police had a measurable amount of success in 26/11/ attack case that they could never had in serial bomb blasts case of 1993 despite best the assistance then by prosecutors Mr. Ujjwal Nikam. Though 26/11 attackers belonged to Pakistan, all of them could not be tried, because except Kasab, nobody survived during counter attack by commandos.

Kasab, a boyish looking young terrorist trained in Pakistan, contradicted himself many times during the trial. He, held guilty, was facing 86 charges. The conspiracy hatched in Pakistan was also established during the trial. This is most important aspect of the Kasab trial. The verdict in this Kasab trial would go long way to help India who has been working hard to bring the facts about Pakistani sponsored terrorism. In India law and order is state subject meaning that onus lies upon state governments to investigate the crimes and subsequent prosecutions as per the VII schedule to the Constitution of India. According to constitution, the states are competent to raise police force as per their law & order, internal security and other requirements.

Although central government has been supplementing the efforts of state governments in modernizing their police forces in terms of infrastructure, to meet challenges to internal security, it is clear that neither the central government nor the state governments are able to prevent the terrorist attacks or effectively investigate the major attacks in country including the one on parliament house. Between 1989 and 1993, terrorism in J&K was mainly due to the activities of indigenous Kashmiri organizations. When they were unable to succeed, the ISI started infiltrating trained jihad cadres of the Pakistani pan-Islamic organizations, who had fought against the Soviet troops in Afghanistan in the 1980s, into J&K for beefing up indigenous organizations. Since 1999, the Pakistani jihad organizations have taken over the leadership of the anti-government of India movement.
India has a little over 140 million Muslims -- the second largest Muslim community in the world after Indonesia. Only a very small section of the community has taken to terrorism due to various grievances and instigation by the ISI and Pakistan's religious, fundamentalist and jihad organizations. The overwhelming majority of Indian Muslims are loyal, law-abiding citizens. They have not allowed their anger against the Indian government or the Hindus for any reason to drive them into the arms of terrorist organizations. India has the most modern, peaceful and forward-looking Muslim community in the world. There are hundreds of Muslims from various parts of the world undergoing jihad training in madras all over Pakistan. However, there are no reports of any Indian Muslims studying there. Osama bin Laden's IIF has 13 member-organizations from different parts of the world -- five of them are from Pakistan. Not a single Indian Muslim organization. When the US started its air strikes on Al Qaeda and the Taliban training camps in Afghan territory on October 7, 2001, there were demonstrations by Muslims in many parts of the world. There was hardly any demonstration in India.
Although the Mumbai court verdict is solid example of India’s ability to deal with crime, it is not sufficient. India will have to go providing military help to its own states. India will have to fight all sorts of wars to stop the terrorist started war in various states. This war can be fought like any other war that militaries around the world often fight. Earlier in many parts of the world, the Indian military served as peacekeeping force. Now it may need to serve itself: to fight war for maintaining law and order.

-Ramesh Zawar
Senior Journalist

Sunday, April 18, 2010

How much Sweet?

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress party boss Sonia Gandhi are capable to rescue the Government from the growing controversies with Shashi Tharoor mentored Rendezvous Sports World, the company which won the IPL Kochi Team franchise. In fact, income tax department’s raids at IPL headquarter and Commissioner Lalit Mody is part of government’s rescue operation. The recent raids at IPL head quarter is described as ‘survey raid’. The ‘survey raid’ means income tax department is free to halt the raids if it so desires. Off course, due settlement is often arrived at between the taxation department and the assesses. In such matters, finance ministry always claims no knowledge. They always say that they have nothing to do with the raids and government never interferes with taxation business. In the matter of IPL, it is almost certain government may claim no knowledge or promise the parliament about informing it after gathering the information. The information probably may be suitable to clear off Shashi Tharur fully or partially. It is also probable the government is likely to gather the information, which may be more suitable if needle of suspicion may lead pinpoint, the rivals of government or Shashi Tharoor either.

The Bharatiya Janata Party, the main opposition party in Indian parliament was not satisfied with the statement made by Shashi Tharur. Government party knew that Shashi Tharoor making statement is useless exercise; however, statements by members or ministers are allowed in parliament to make statements because such statements are a part of larger damage control exercise. Such statements are often used to encompass the irrelevant is that leads the parliament to no issue zone. The income tax department raids may reveal more information about ten franchisee owner companies. These raids may reveal much more details about ‘sweet equity’ given to Sunanda Pushkar, the fiancée of Shashi Tharoor also. There are strong roomers that lot of money laundering has happened in IPL franchisee business. The various franchisee companies are by cine artists, industrialists who involve in bidding for IPL franchisees including the Rendezvous Sports World mentored by Shahsi Tharoor, the junior minister for foreign affaires.

According to the provisions in taxation laws the survey raid proceeding can be called of any time if the raiding party satisfied with the sufficient material is presented to it. Instead of holding enquiry of Rendezvous Sports World, finance ministry decided to hold wholesale enquiry into the of all the IPL franchisees and entire biding business. Thus, the enquiry may through light on all the shady deals of all rival team owners. The rivals who have raised the outcry against Shashi Tharoor mentored company in which Sunanda Pushkar, the fiancée of Shashi Tharoor, owns sweet 70 crore rupee sweet equity. Anyway, nobody knows about sweet business of sweet equity. This sweet business may be sweeter to concerned industries. Sure, it is bitter for India, bitter than the Bofors scandal that damaged India’s political stability in nintieees. The sweet equity issue may damage company affaires in India.
–Ramesh Zawar
Senior Journalist

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Who governs whom?

In India, bureaucracy is known for feuding. Most of the union government and state ministry bosses are known for their notoriety. With the issuance of notices to 13 insurers by SEBI, the security and exchange board of India the IRDA; the insurance regulatory development authority was annoyed. According to IRDA, these insurance companies are not under regulatory control of SEBI though they do invest big chunk of the money collected under the popular insurance product ULIP. The ULIP offers insurance cover as well as investment in select scrip. The buyer of ULIP need not pay the premium after certain number of years. If market does not perform as per expectation ULIP policy taker has to either top up the plan amount or has to loose the insurance cover benefits.
The recent feuding between SEBI and IRDA cannot be treated the typical example of bureaucratic notoriety so common in India. SEBI feels that if insurer sales the mutual fund type insurance policies they must be registered with SEBI because the insurance business is nothing but a mutual fund business in disguise. This business involves the gross issues of investments. For example, like charging commissions (Entry load, exit load etc.) are the issues, which needs the attention by SEBI. The SEBI chief C B Bhave who is due to retire in the month of August is very docile person. He is equally upright and known for eye for details. He is never victim of small talks or sort of grapevine in stock market. The disciplined development of insurance business, a comparatively new crop in India, is the responsibility of IRDA. With the end of government monopoly in insurance business, India is very much kin to have healthy growth of business. If IRDA fails, government feels, economy may have to face unnecessary trouble.
Although the Government has advised both the authorities to seek the court verdict, it is clear from the finance minister’s statement that Behave may be backed by Government if situations so demand. Investor is synonym god for government of India; therefore, any step taken in the interest of investor is welcome. Finance Minister Mukherjee desires the mutual fund industry in the country should grow on the line of mutual fund industry in USA. On this background, SEBI has to keep its order in abeyance. Bhave refused to comment and preparing to fight in Supreme Court of India.
-Ramesh Zawar
Senior Journalist

Friday, April 2, 2010

No laundry required!

It is no surprise that A.V. Birla group, one of the organized retail players in India, had to close down 39 retail stores in Gujarat. They may withdraw from remaining retail business in Gujarat. This withdrawal was forced upon Birlas as they could not compete with the gujrati businessmen, the real retailers in businesses. As Birlas entered retail business with take over of 170 stores in South India in the year 2007. They are not early birds in organized retail business in India. When they bought the Subhiksha chain in South India, the flame of their inner ambition was lit. With the ambition fired, they had little time to evaluate the business model developed by earlier Subhiksha chain. Hurriedly they set the target of starting thousand stores all over the country. Initially they began with Subhiksha model, the one that was rejected even in South India. Inclusion of Gujrat in expansion plan with the same model and fashion was, no doubt, a mistake. South Indian CEO obviously doesn’t know the Gujarat and gujratis. With such CEO, how Birla business house could succeed in Gujarat?
What I am surprised is how marwari business house chose to increase its retail stores business in Gujrat. The western Indian state of Gujrat is truly home land of self made business. The boys and girls are groomed to be sales persons and girls almost in every family. They even phoo phoo MBA courses: MBA atelay mool buddhino abhao ( MBA means lack of basic talent; they fanciful abbreviations of the letters MBA).
In marwari families like gujrati families, the business practices are taught to the boys and girls since childhood; however there is a slight difference. The thrust in Gujrati families is on salesmanship where as the thrust in marwari families is on account angle. Almost all the marwari boys and girls are groomed to be accountants since their childhood. Some may be cost accountant or auditors either! Most of the marwari business is run by young persons who enroll themselves for college education. While studying in colleges marwari boys (and recently girls too!) are handling petty works assigned by their parents who are in mid fifties. Off course, these boys have to work under the guidance and strict superintendence of their parents. No class room type lecturing or guru sermons either. The boys, if they make mistake, are seldom punished for the mistakes. The guidance mainly pertains to cost conciseness. Marwari boys can work out the funeral cost or can be entrusted to hire the wedding reception. If someone wants to buy the community hall including the current wedding reception, marwari boys are capable to do the valuation of that place including the reception its bridegroom , may start the bidding process within no time . The similar nature of job may take months to evaluate the business by established agencies!
On this back ground of such business environment in Gujarat and Maharashtra, it is surprising that A.V Birla Group Company started its retail stores in Gujrat. This decision is just like running a laundry business in a town where digambar sect of jains is dominating the township. The unclad digambar jain monks walk across the country to spread the spiritual message. They are most revered community in the country because they control the needs. Digambar monks themselves don’t require the laundry. The malls in Gujrat may prove as worthless as laundry for the monks

-Ramesh Zawar
Senior Journalist

Thursday, April 1, 2010

It is no surprise that A.V. Birla group, One of the Organizes rtail player in India, had to close down 39 retail stores in Gujrat. There is no point in running a laundry busness in Digamber monks

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yogi turns politician

What is the most mistaken concept in the world? Ecological balance? Global worming up? No, it is yoga or all about yoga practices! Self styled Yogi Ramdeobaba turns to be politician. India’s yoga guru number one Ramdeobaba announced that he is going to launch a political party. It goes without saying that all kind of politicking including elections, pollsters and alignments may soon follow as his political pursuit strengthens. His Patanjali Institute in Haridwar may see day to day political activity. If required he may shift his centre to New Delhi. Ramdeobaba`s yoga centre had modest beginning. With his skill in hat yoga and keen interest in pharmaceutical knowledge his centre grew it into full fledged Patanjali Yoga Institute in very short time. While imparting yoga training, he began medical counseling. He also runs chain of pharmacies around the country. The yoga camps and sale of medicines generate huge revenue for the Patanjali Yoga Institute. This institute is run on commercial basis though commercial aspects are hidden unlike in USA. Yoga gurus and software professionals are available in every city in North America. These yoga gurus are making brisk business. They are quoting fees or dakshina usually spelt out after the trial session or registering for yoga classes. Ramdeobaba followed similar practices. Off course whatever he does he does with precision and perfect camouflaging.
Yogic practices can be traced back into ancient Indian scriptures. Most details of the yoga practices are hidden secrets. Whatever yoga practices taught today is elementary in nature. Some are clear cut Hindu religious practices. They are very much part of sanatan vedic religion. Sanatan means the everlasting. Sanatan is having no origin or the end either. Sanatan means very old. In India people often believe old is gold. Naturally being old yoga is marketable. What is not old is discard able. Essentially this is fundamentalism. The same kind of fundamentalism what for Lashkar-e-Tayba is fighting jihad. Hindus do not consider fighting jihad type war with the followers of other religions. They are not directly interested in political power; therefore not interested in building armories, bombs and terrorists training camps. No necessities of throwing scare in governments or people either. However this does not mean that they are not interested in spreading their religious power. Money power is better tool now days. Weapon power is tool needs to be discarded. It is made to look like that they have no interest in political power. Sure, they do not see any chance of attaining that power. However Ramdeobaba does have secret wish at his heart: His arena to spread. Power to span out. Commercial wish list translated into realities of life. In fact, these are the goals secretly held since long back. With the announcement to launch the political party Baba has come out openly to set his goal. His chelas-disciple-are ready to play new roll: party worker. They may continue to ware saffron just to impress.
Ramesh Zawar
Senior Journalist

Friday, March 19, 2010

Yoga:Most mistaken concept

Ever since Yoganand and Vivekanand visited USA many Americans

Sunday, February 14, 2010

हे तर "गनिमी' महायुद्ध!

पुण्यातील कोरेगाव पार्क भागातील जर्मन बेकरीत झालेल्या बाँबस्फोटाचे स्वरूप पाहता या बाँबस्फोटाची तुलना मुंबईत २६ नोव्हेंबर २००८ साली ताज, ओबेराय आणि नरिमन हाऊस या तीन ठिकाणी दहशतवाद्यांनी केलेल्या हल्ल्याशी करता येईल. मुंबईतील २६ नोव्हेंबर रोजी झालेल्या अतिरकेक्यांच्या हल्ल्यापासून नागरी वस्तीत निरपराध नागरिकांत दहशत पसरवणे एवढाच माफक उद्देश लष्क-ए-तोयबा या संघटनेचा असेल असे वाटत नाही. भारताविरूद्ध गनिमी युध्द सुरू करून त्याचे रूपान्तर जेहादमध्ये करणे असा व्यापक हेतू अलीकडे लष्कर-ए- तोयबाने ठेवलेला दिसतो. खरे तर, दहशतवाद्यांचे हे युद्ध केवळ भारताच्या विरोधात नसून जगातील अमेरिका, इस्रेल, भारत, ब्रिटन इत्यादि सगळ्याच अमेरिकाधार्जिण्या लोकशाही देशाविरूद्धदेखील आहे. इतकेच नव्हे तर लष्कर-ए- तोयबाचे हे युद्ध इस्लामी जगातील बहुतेक उदारमतवादी पंथोपपंथांच्या विरूद्धदेखील आहे. दुदैवाने जगभरातील देशांतील लोकशाही राजवटी या दहशतवादी युद्धास कायदा व सुव्यवस्थेचा प्रश्न किंवा फार तर "अंतर्गत सुरक्षे'चा प्रश्न मानत आल्या आहेत. त्यामुळे अनेक देशांत लष्कराला या सुद्धात हस्तक्षेप करण्याचा आदेश दिला जात नाही. दहशतवादी घटना असे स्वरूप ठरवण्यात आल्यामुळे या घटनांच्या संदर्भातले खटले सामान्य न्यायालयांत चालवले जातात आणि कोणाला तरी शिक्षा देऊन या घटनांवर पडदा पाडला जातो. पुण्याच्या बाँबस्फोटाच्या घटनेच्या बाबबीत नेमके हेच होणार. दोनतीन दिवसात या घटनेचे वृत्त पहिल्या पानावरून नाहिसे होऊन जाईल.

खुद्द भारतातही "दहशतवादी कारवाया' एवढ्याच संकुचित दृष्टिकोनातून बाँबस्फोटाच्या घटनांकडे सुरूवातीपासून पाहिले गेले आणि अजूनही पाहिले जात आहे. मुंबई, दिल्ली, अहमदाबाद, कोलकोता इत्यादि शहरातल्या बाँबस्फोटांच्या घटनांकडे कायदा आणि सुव्यवस्थेच्या द-ष्टिकोनातून पाहिले गेले, खटले चालले आणि न्यायदान केले गेले. राजकारण हा ज्यांचा बोलून चालून व्यवसाय आहे त्यांची दहशतवादाकडे पाहण्याची दृष्टी पक्षीय दृष्टी म्हणजेच सत्तेच्या राजकारणाकडे जात नाही. देशातील विचारवंत, ओपियनमेकर्स आणि वर्तमानपत्रातील वृत्तविश्लेषक, विद्यापीठातील राजकीय अभ्यासक म्हणवणा-या मंडळींचा दृष्टीकोनदेखील फारसा वेगळा नाही. या पार्श्वभूमीवर राजकारण्यांना दोष देता येत नाही. दहशतवादाच्या प्रश्नाचा व्यापक आणि सर्वंकष विचार वर्तमानपत्रांनादेखील करता येणे शक्य नाही. कारण, अग्रलेख लिहिताना सखोल विचाराला मुळी वाव नसतोच. कारण अशा विचारामुळे सरकारला तपासाच्या कामात टाळाटाळ करण्याचा सबबी मिळतात. किंवा एखाद्या घटनेचा तपास अन्य समान्तर तपास यंत्रणेकडे सोपवून मूळ तपासाच्या कामात खीळ घालण्याची आयती संधी मिळते.

परंतु गेल्या काही वर्षांत जगभर वाढलेल्या अतिरेकी कारवायांचा, बाँबस्फोटांच्या घटनांचा विचार करता असे म्हणावेसे वाटते की, या उग्र हिंसक घटनांकडे निव्वळ घटना म्हणून पाहणे चुकीचे आहे. दुस-या महायुद्धानंतर भांडवलशाही देशाच्या आणि कम्युनिस्ट आणि कम्युनिस्ट विचारसरणीला मानणा-या देशांच्या साठमारीत आपला निभाव लागणार नाही हे ओळखून अनेक लहानसहान देशात गनिमी युद्धाचे तंत्र अवलंबण्यास सुरूवात झाली. व्हिएतनाम, कंबोडिया, कोरिया, पॅलेस्टाईन इत्यादि लहान टापूत गनिमी युद्ध चालू राहिली. या गनिमी युद्धांना करणा-यांना कायमचे चिरडून काढण्याचे ठरवून अमेरिका आणि सोव्हिएत शक्तींनी प्रत्यक्षाप्रत्यक्ष मदत केली. त्यामुळे गनिमांची कधी हार तर कधी जीत होत राहिली, परंतु या चकमकींमुळे महायुद्धाचा भडका उडू शखला नाही. जो काही भडका उडाला तो शीतयुद्धाचा. अशाच प्रकारचे गनिमी युद्ध आयरिश चळवळीने ब्रिटनविरोधात केले. नेमका असाच प्रयत्न काश्मीरच्या प्रश्नावरून भारताबरोबर दोन वेळा पुकारलेल्या युद्धात पाकिस्तानचा पराभव झाला. सीमेवरील युद्धात भारताला हरवणे कठीण आहे हे लक्षात आल्यावर काश्मीर प्रश्नाचे आंतरराष्ट्रीयीकरण केल्याखेरीज भारताला हरवणे शक्य नाही म्हणून पाकिस्तानने वॉशिंग्टनमधील करप्शन तंत्राचा अवलंब करून काश्मीर प्रश्नाचे आंतरराष्ट्रीयीकरण करण्याचा प्रयत्न केला, सुरूवातीला अमेरिकेला भारताविरूद्ध फितवण्यात पाकिस्तानला चांगलेच यश मिळाले. परंतु अध्यक्ष बिल क्लिंटन यांच्या काळात वारे बदलले. सोव्हिएत सत्ता पूर्वीच मोडीत निघालेली होती. दरम्यान चीनचे सामर्थ्य वाढीस लागले होते. लोकशाहीवादी भारताविरूद्ध धोरण चालू ठेवणे बरोबर ठरणार नाही याची जाणीव क्लिंटन प्रशासनाला झाली. अध्यक्ष बुश यांच्या कारकिर्दीत वर्ल्ड ट्रेड सेंटर उडवून टाकले, एवढेच नव्हे तर पेंटागॅनला लक्ष्य करण्याचा प्रयत्न केला. त्यामुळे अमेरिकेचे डोळे उघडले आणि भारताशी दोस्तीचा हात पुढे केला. पाकिस्तानमधील दहशतवाद्यांचा बंदोबस्त करण्याच्या दृष्टीने सहकार्याचा हात पुढे करण्याची विनंती केली. अमेरिकेच्या पाकिस्तानी लष्कराने जगभर दहशतवादी कारवाया सुरू करून इतर देशातही जोर वाढवला. वस्तुत: ज्याला जगभर दहशतवाद असे म्हटले गेले ते प्रत्यक्षात गनिमी युद्धच! कदाचित ही सुरूवात असेल. गनिमी युद्धाचा उद्देश त्या त्या देशाला हैराण करणे तर आहेच त्याखेरीज अण्वस्त्राचा साठा चोरट्या मार्गाने हस्तगत करून अमेरिकेला आणि अमेरिकेच्या साखळीत आपापले देश बांधणा-या सगळ्यांनाच नेस्तनाबूत करणे आणि गनिमी महायद्धात विजय प्राप्त करून घेणे हाच आहे. खरे तर हेच मूलतत्त्ववाद्यांचे जेहाद. त्या जेहादला केव्हा का यश मिळे ना!