Tuesday, June 8, 2010

President Visits her Home

Indian President Pratibha Patil visiting her home, Nadgaon, the hamlet in north Maharshtra district of Jalgaon this week. Massive preparations are on before the actual four-day visit starts from June 10, 2010. About 200 officers belonging to state and central government are expected to assemble in Jalgaon to oversee that president’s programs workout with minute-to-minute precision.
With the security threats, VIP tours have become critical task for the officials. There is no surprise if President is advised whom to meet and whom not to meet; however, this is no easy for the security, as President Pratibha Patil knows many people in Jalgaon district and does not to wish avoid the old mates who are interested to greet her personally. The Presidents schedule include only four programs: launching the Jalgaon airport project, launching the lift irrigation scheme in the Bodwad area near her village, visit her ancestor home at Nadgaon and to the engineering college founded by herself in Jalgaon 15 years back. First two programs are public and rests of the two programs are strictly private. She will stay at Ajantha guesthouse, the state government premises that was given modern look after the extensive interior work.
Pratibha Patil who completed her college education in Jalgaon’s Mulji Jetha college affiliated to University of Pune. As soon as she took her Master’s degree in arts, the Congress Party announced her candidature for Maharashtra Legislative Assembly. She won her first election assembly easily; and made her debut in Assembly. Naturally, she was included in Maharashtra’s ministry as Deputy Minister without doing much internship. She also studied law in Government Law College regularly after day’s assembly session. Her political currier was seamless and enjoyed the popularity. She was never involved in any controversy because of her docile approach. She smiles; her smiles are not like Mona Lisa! She smiles because of her inner pleasure in heart. No bitterness, no callus! Perhaps this is the reason why she got her trouble free political mileage. She held the state Congress presidency, leader of Opposition. Deputy Speaker of elder’s house, Governor of Rajasthan and finally the President of India. Pratibha Patil is steel smiling. In India, very few politicians can smile, especially when they face tough time of party or nation both. The national problems can be sorted out with the candid approach, the much-needed quality. Pratibha Patil is gifted with candid approach.
Jalgaon is looking forward to welcome the President, the very leader of its own.
-Ramesh Zawar
Senior Journalist